Time-resolved spectroscopy

Stopped-flow connectionsTime-resolved spectroscopic techniques offer unique insight into reactions as they happen. The choice of technique depends on the system being studied and the spectroscopic ‘handles’ it offers.

The stopped-flow technique is perhaps the most versatile approach to gaining time-resolved data. The EML has both stopped-flow ultraviolet and stopped-flow infra-red capabilities. These allow us to study reactions on a time scale from hundreds of microseconds upward. Both of these systems are mounted within dry boxes, allowing us to study extremely air- and moisture-sensitive systems with ease.

Combining time-resolution with our expertise in electrochemistry, the EML is developing new spectroelectrochemistry methods to study systems at short times after an electrochemical change. A key part of this approach is our Bruker Vertex 80 infra-red system, which allows us to collect spectra within tens of milliseconds.

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